How to buy Tokens on Cocoricos?

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1. Go to the EXPLORE ICOs page .

2. Select the ICO of your choice, for example .

3. Interested? Now click on “BUY TOKENS IN $”. Note that it is strongly advised to read the White Paper of the ICO concerned in its entirety before investing and if necessary, to request the assistance of a Cocoricos expert via our Telegram .

4. Enter the amount you want to invest in $ in the “Type an amount” field.

5. You now see the amount of tokens corresponding to the amount entered.

6. After reading the White Paper, check the box “I agree with the White Paper and I certify that I am not citizen of…”.

7. Check the box “I understand that I have to validate my identity in order to recover my tokens” to confirm knowing that you will have to validate your identity in order to recover your tokens.

8. If you do not have an account, Create it here , or Connect , if you are already connected, you will go directly to step 9.

9. Enter your Paypal account or add your payment method directly under the heading “Pay by card”

10. Your invoice is displayed, you can download it in PDF format or access your account by clicking on FOLLOW MY TOKEN

10. You can follow the progress of your tokens, share your affiliate link or edit your profile .